Angola: The World's Deadliest Place for Kids | Nicholas Kristof | The New York Times 

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Nicholas Kristof reports on the rampant corruption in oil-rich Angola, which is depriving children of education and contributing to the highest rate of child mortality in the world.
Produced by: Adam B. Ellick
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Angola: The World's Deadliest Place for Kids | Nicholas Kristof | The New York Times



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Comentários 80   
Mesepa Seu
Mesepa Seu Hora atrás
World leaders know and the world keeps spinning.
BEAUTY 5 horas atrás
im a bit confused why are people still having children with such poverty?.
Nancy Flores Vences
Nancy Flores Vences 6 horas atrás
Andrew Aslakson
Andrew Aslakson 14 horas atrás
4 years later and things have actually become worse in Angola...
Nothing Follows
Nothing Follows 22 horas atrás
This is hard to watch. I thought my country is full of corrupt officials. But this is on another level.
Justice Dia atrás
How could the government sleep at night knowing their people are dying? That is insane. 26 years on this earth and I can't believe I'm just hearing about this
vxnom v
vxnom v 11 horas atrás
its crazy
Goddess Universe
Goddess Universe Dia atrás
Places like this don't deserve positions. They could ATLEAST help the hospitals. This is disgusting.
HecticWolve Dia atrás
makes Golden luxurious coffins but can't give children little food to prevent from dying ffs.
Carama Gambino
Carama Gambino 2 dias atrás
I’m not understanding why food is ship their daily
Half Heart
Half Heart 2 dias atrás
I’m in tears, those children are just children, innocent children, and they die, and while they die, some people they live near get rich and those people should die, or at least pay for what there doing, they aren’t doing anything, and that’s the problem
priyanshi Sharma
priyanshi Sharma 2 dias atrás
That really shows Democracy is a real failure. Its not just ignorance of the Government but also of the people who dont consider Health Care as a top priority.
Hollyann Mumaw
Hollyann Mumaw 2 dias atrás
And yet kids are still being born...
susan frye
susan frye 4 dias atrás
Stop screwing problems solved
Krimson Engine
Krimson Engine 4 dias atrás
Imagine this rich-oil country with the US... Oh god
dragon ballz
dragon ballz 4 dias atrás
I don't even have words just this anger building in me. WTF
Alishah Khan
Alishah Khan 4 dias atrás
Exactly no one cares about ...these children's and womens🖤🖤🖤
Denis Mutabazi
Denis Mutabazi 4 dias atrás
Legacy of Portuguese colonialism, acute chronic self hate! The president probably feels more Portuguese than the Portuguese. This is too nasty to watch, sorry! I guess when the President sees this he thinks to himself, "look at those Blacks". Someone gave him a magic mirror, when he looks at it he sees a Portuguese aristocrat.
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 4 dias atrás
Honestly the attitude isn't much different anywhere black people live. In America, it's wrong if you're black and smart and try to do good in school. You're being like "whitey". This isn't just a corruption or country problem, this seems like a race and maybe IQ problem.
K. Subramanian 0
K. Subramanian 0 5 dias atrás
N. Oki
N. Oki 5 dias atrás
They all need corona virus
Wade 5 dias atrás
This is heartbreaking. This tyrant needs to be down, like the dog that he is..
Matthew Cuoco
Matthew Cuoco 5 dias atrás
Take your country back!
Lok Yeung
Lok Yeung 5 dias atrás
And yet UN did nothing against corruption.
AJS 6 dias atrás
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> why she's dancing?
_ fić_
_ fić_ 6 dias atrás
And whole world talking about future, why? How do they have soul, wow
Teddy Livingston
Teddy Livingston 6 dias atrás
This white doctor was patronising AF. Why would red hair be obvious nutrionally deficiency
Bruh 6 dias atrás
The fact that they have the worlds most expensive things and services in Luanda makes it worse.
Ghostlver5 7 dias atrás
Who tf would dislike this video?
matthew walker
matthew walker 7 dias atrás
Me: *targets in the main building take him out slowly* Btw i am talking about the president of angola
Richard Recupero
Richard Recupero 7 dias atrás
money is evil.... period.
Martha Ortiz
Martha Ortiz 7 dias atrás
What profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul,
Nbs 7 dias atrás
Merlin Goacher
Merlin Goacher 7 dias atrás
Heart breaking
Chelsea Braze
Chelsea Braze 7 dias atrás
How do we help???
RandomKourosh 7 dias atrás
They don’t really care about them.
Jess Tripp
Jess Tripp 7 dias atrás
I will help you, please let me know how i can physically help you. E-mail me at
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith 8 dias atrás
President dos Santos doesn’t have the protections of office anymore. Every leading official in the MPLA should be condemned to suffer the way exactly the way these children have.
Nallel Zuniga
Nallel Zuniga 8 dias atrás
More children die of hunger than from covid but since covid also endangers the rich and just about everyone we make a big deal out of it, but not the children dying of hunger.
Marcely Brasil Silva
Marcely Brasil Silva 8 dias atrás
Corrupção, como sempre, é o maior problema de vários países. A hipocrisia é simplesmente nojenta.
gaza icush freedom
gaza icush freedom 8 dias atrás
Babilon rob africas wealth and give them church and jesus has there only hope wake up black people come together has one
gaza icush freedom
gaza icush freedom 8 dias atrás
Judgment to black oppressors
luka tomasevic
luka tomasevic 8 dias atrás
stop the video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> look at the picture and read .....
Ryan Toubin
Ryan Toubin 9 dias atrás
It’s so simple, just don’t have kids.
ed winchester
ed winchester 9 dias atrás
Why isn’t the United Nation sending the blue helmets and other throw current government
freeman obama
freeman obama 9 dias atrás
The answer is steal until they stop stealing
Nicole 9 dias atrás
WillThe Penguin
WillThe Penguin 9 dias atrás
God I’m so lucky that I have the opportunity to live in a developed country like New Zealand, I can’t imagine this. I really hope the situation gets better
Ella B
Ella B 9 dias atrás
I want to get super rich so I can help people like this. C'mon Jeff Besos. HELP THEM!!!!!
antonio barrera
antonio barrera 10 dias atrás
I hear a bit of spanish in their language or I'm I just crazy?
ZeeZee x
ZeeZee x 8 dias atrás
antonio barrera they’re speaking Portuguese
Erytrxx 10 dias atrás
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> have you seen something uglier than that
Erytrxx 10 dias atrás
Baby:**dies** Nurse: **smiles**
Nia Louise
Nia Louise 10 dias atrás
This is so upsetting, I feel horrible for what the world is like in parts........I wish I could help
Alexiis 10 dias atrás
The rich will answer to god. They will get what they deserve so sad 😞 god bless all these poor innocent people/children so heartbreaking I pray for them all❤️
OG GBOSSKRATOS 10 dias atrás
Idk if they’re speaking spanish, french or Portuguese.
ZeeZee x
ZeeZee x 8 dias atrás
Radivoj Maric
Radivoj Maric 11 dias atrás
Poor children,why is it so global for people to just be quiet while their country and people are going to shitt,i will never understand for what are they submissive for. Same goes for Serbia where i am from,people are sheep,i blame the average people for these problems.
Trudy Saint Clair
Trudy Saint Clair 11 dias atrás
Has anything changed in 2020?
I A 11 dias atrás
What a hellhole. Those rich people should share a bit if they even have a bit of conscience.
Evelyn Marx
Evelyn Marx 11 dias atrás
God will judge them for this the president and his daughter plus everyone else who is corrupt! Killing children!
TheTripstraps 11 dias atrás
we need to be much less greedy. greedy people must be stopped
Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens 11 dias atrás
Shocker the government is the bad guy, who would have thought
Tiffany Varela
Tiffany Varela 11 dias atrás
I cant believe this its inhumane and can you let innocent children starve ...God bless rhe doctors going and helping
Finite 11 dias atrás
I wanna be really rich And use all the money for their treatment 🙁😭
Mister Romero’s English Class AP
This makes me so sad 😞 all Those Poor kids espero que el país mejore
Mister Romero’s English Class AP
My second comment after the lady said PUTA I realized they spoke Portuguese 😬 it’s pretty similar to Spanish so I know why I can understand part of it
Mister Romero’s English Class AP
I am a native Spanish speaker and I understood the word PUTA at the pretty first words of this video
flying piggy
flying piggy 12 dias atrás
I hate them for killing all those kids
๖ۣۜǤнσsτly ๖ۣۜDesigns༻
Now thinking about this, I much prefer Trump over this.
Kevin Marin
Kevin Marin 12 dias atrás
radha Ugale
radha Ugale 13 dias atrás
Why is the government so careless??
xtdycxtfuv 13 dias atrás
Lindsay Nelson
Lindsay Nelson 13 dias atrás
Covid-19 is going to hit them hard and it’s going to break the world’s heart💔💔
Jesse Tellez
Jesse Tellez 13 dias atrás
Hooray for socialism in action!
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 13 dias atrás
Fortnite kids should visit here
Bee Girl
Bee Girl 14 dias atrás
The only thing these women have in abundance is children...smfh..
Erin Goodwin
Erin Goodwin 14 dias atrás
I notice this was uploaded in 2015. Does anyone know if this completely inhumane situation gotten any better the last five years?? Or is completely the same :(Im sure not many people will see this post considering how long ago this was posted, but just in case...I can’t pass up commenting on such a blindness that is occurring in so many places here on earth, where we are all the same race.. the human race, and we should all try to extend one hands as far as we can every day so that we all can have the basic human needs , nothing fancy is needed, simply our very basic needs. This could change so much, somehow someway???.... we all need to find a cure for hunger across this beautiful world that is a gift to us all !!! Take a stand every day to “pay it forward” ...and eventually all the positive acts that we put out into the world will be overflowing to all that need it !!!! This really would make a large dent in this atrocity... if we will all join together and do just one really small act to someone that is in need every day we would notice a change...the thing is getting everyone aboard to do that, it’s not that we don’t want to do these things , it’s simply ignored on accident really, we need to make a conscious effort to get in the headspace of creating this great habit:)... then it will become second nature, completely effortless..❤️ all starts with us. We may think that one very small good deed won’t change the world, but we are wrong , and if we did this every day we would all see that change can derive from one kind act. It’s such a tragedy that things such as this are still happening in many parts of the world. There is simply no reason at all !!?? There are plenty natural resources on this earth for us all to share...from food , to water , to shelter and to medicine, yet there are individuals here on Earth that could care less for one day they will be punished here in their physical life, and either way they will have a day of reckonings day judgement that will be set down before them...hopefully by that time they would have changed their ways, but that is not for us to worry and dwell on... BUT Instead of trying to change these awful and suppressive individuals...We need to focus our efforts of all the millions of caring , loving , understanding , good , generous people in this world to find a way First and Foremost to provide the simple basic needs that should be a human right.... And I know that somehow this can be achieved even if only for a small percentage of the desperate people, to them it would mean EVERYTHING !!!! Many of us will never understand the difficulties and oppression that the unfortunate have to bare, but we should be able to know that it would all be worth it even if it only saves one life, that’s one precious life...we all deserve these things, no one should be denied basic essentials to live ... #payitfoward #stopwoeldhunger #sharethelove #makeadifference ✌🏼💕🌍🌎
JAY.G. Anderson
JAY.G. Anderson 14 dias atrás
💦👁💦👁💦👁💦👁💦👁💦👁 *See the CORRUPT BUSINESS of CHILDREN PROTECTIVE SERVICES* *Look at on you tube plus Senator Nancy Schaefer* PEACE!!?!! 💙🤔🙄🤔🙄🤔🙄🤔🙄🤔🙄💙
LilK 14 dias atrás
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> dat boi be looking like a danm alien
Pari Doll
Pari Doll 14 dias atrás
This journalist is great person. Highlights major issues
Pari Doll
Pari Doll 14 dias atrás
She feel happy about explained death of kids
Laura Juarez
Laura Juarez 14 dias atrás
Bless Doctor Foster 🙏🏼I could not watch this video with out crying 😢 all these sick innocent children
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