Another 400lb Monster Fish By O'Gorman 

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O'Gorman Does It Again.


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30 Out 2017



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Just Revenant
Just Revenant 6 horas atrás
Why dont you let the drag go a lil. Is that normal to horse in 400 lb fish?
themulletrun 4 horas atrás
Good question. If the fish gets 10 feet he will get back in the hole. There is also a sunken pick up truck he can get to 15 or so feet away.
Eric Douthwright
Eric Douthwright 6 horas atrás
Dude over there catching nothin but giving all the advice... oh yeah don't forget to work it baby
MANCING KAMPUNG 16 horas atrás
success always greetings and greetings a hobby subcriber behind my channel
John Wheaton
John Wheaton Dia atrás
Dude's ego is as big as that fish
걸어도 문제다 .....
Austin Lyons
Austin Lyons Dia atrás
Love how he says this is ramp monster even after he misses like every fish
Chris 2 dias atrás
400lbs is a behemoth, ungodly creature from another universe! Mike Tyson in all his glory was only 220-230lbs in his PRIME, that fish is like pulling 2-Mike Tysons out of the water. +\- 40 or 60lbs.
matt edwards
matt edwards 2 dias atrás
That fish was a minnow! I caught one so big that we couldnt weight it. We took a picture of the fish and the picture weighed 80 pounds!
themulletrun 2 dias atrás
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen 2 dias atrás
Ở việt nam bọn tao thì xác con mẹ nó định
Xuan luong Bui
Xuan luong Bui 2 dias atrás
Tặng em một bộ cần câu cá khủng anh ơi
Kênh tổng hợp .KTH.
Cá rô mỹ
Stanley Shieh
Stanley Shieh 3 dias atrás
Why'd those big fishes live so close to human populated areas? Easy foods ? And why are they not wiped out by us? People there don't eat big fish?
Stanley Shieh
Stanley Shieh 2 dias atrás
Then it becames fishing paradise. I wonder if I can go and try my luck ?
themulletrun 3 dias atrás
Good questions. They have been protected for decades so now they are overpopulated. You can’t remove them from water and they hang out under the fish cleaning station discharge. There are a lot of them everywhere now.
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams 3 dias atrás
Where is this ?
themulletrun 3 dias atrás
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Benjamin 4 dias atrás
gOtTa hAvE sOmE aSs oN yOu fOr tHaT pOLe gOtTa hAvE sOmE aSs oN yOu fOr tHaT pOLe
Richard Huff
Richard Huff 4 dias atrás
The ramp that gets you amped
Abel Flores
Abel Flores 5 dias atrás
Anyone know where this is at
themulletrun 5 dias atrás
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Me fishing
Me fishing 5 dias atrás
Like you video
cannabis sativa
cannabis sativa 5 dias atrás
Brawo 👍👍
Incorruptus 5 dias atrás
*LOL, the more bait in the bigger the bait,...the bigger the fish, omfg.* ;) Work those mommas - show m whose tha huntahhhH! ;) WOOHOO ... Hmmm ... *#@%&$*@## ... chips ... it's boat ankers... ;) Hehe, respect man! This is the right kinda fishes hehe.
Luis Barrera
Luis Barrera 5 dias atrás
Should bait the hook with the loud mouth that is annoying as hell...
Dan B
Dan B 5 dias atrás
Does he catch anything??
Spanglish Fishing
Spanglish Fishing 5 dias atrás
Crazy video bro .great action keep them coming .thought u was going to get pulled in the water for a second 😁
Jbomb Snickerlicker
Jbomb Snickerlicker 5 dias atrás
You gotta love this guy nan
Jarrett L
Jarrett L 6 dias atrás
Never seen a fish so big!
James Connelly
James Connelly 6 dias atrás
Some is kept in a new jersey bank
James Connelly
James Connelly 6 dias atrás
They got that way from farmers supper corn.
Trap Shooter
Trap Shooter 6 dias atrás
I would love to be there with my 8 year old grandson just watching.
themulletrun 6 dias atrás
It gets crazy down at the ramp
cowba5566 6 dias atrás
George Alcobaça
George Alcobaça 6 dias atrás
Master V
Master V 6 dias atrás
Themuletrun what fishing rode and rail your using ? Or does any one know what fishing rod he’s using?
Master V
Master V 6 dias atrás
themulletrun ok thank you, I I was going to buy one. When I go to a fishing store what I tell the Clark. I try to look for it on line. Can’t find it..
themulletrun 6 dias atrás
It’s a custom made rod
que putas
que putas 8 dias atrás
Dude you should of ate it wtf
themulletrun 7 dias atrás
Not allowed to take thems out of the water.
The Dirty Kitchen Channel
OMG! Who believe such ginormous fish in such a location LOL!
The Dirty Kitchen Channel
@themulletrun Does it ever get clear enough to dive there, or is it always murky because of the boats? It would be interesting to put a camera down there.
themulletrun 8 dias atrás
And there is a lot of them down there. They are everywhere now in Fort Lauderdale
Carlos GAMES
Carlos GAMES 8 dias atrás
Kien habla spañol aca
themulletrun 8 dias atrás
No. What’s your question
danny spells
danny spells 9 dias atrás
we’re do you get a rod and reel like that at
Joseph Bibiano-Raschke
the hype guy...needs to go
themulletrun 9 dias atrás
Public park. I can’t really demand compliance. First amendment violation.
Jaiden Duncan
Jaiden Duncan 9 dias atrás
Thats the muske of the ocean wow
Quirin 9 dias atrás
His bait is bigger than most fish i catch. Freshwater fishing seems so childish now after watching this
Brandon Dillon
Brandon Dillon 9 dias atrás
Is this ramp monsters lol
stooby 95
stooby 95 10 dias atrás
Good job man. I watched the whole time with my jaw on the floor.
AtomicPunk01 10 dias atrás
O’Gorman rules! O’Gorman rules!
Marco Reus
Marco Reus 10 dias atrás
Florida man.....
Marco Reus
Marco Reus 10 dias atrás
Drink a shot every time he says ramp monsters
Jade Duarte
Jade Duarte 10 dias atrás
Themulle Sr. Ese submarino que se escapó se parece participar american ninja que vas llegando a la meta y ganar el millón y te resbala en un obstáculo y pierdes. En ese muelle es paradise off fishs.
Kevin Randall
Kevin Randall 10 dias atrás
This is fuckin dope respect brother
Progue 10 dias atrás
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="482">8:02</a> I Think You Caught Squidward Tenticals
ONE STEEP 123 10 dias atrás
Mantap 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Maxim Merkulow
Maxim Merkulow 11 dias atrás
Парняга,супер рыба и терпиливый,дождь непомеха,класс. )👍😀😊
Mike Sutherland
Mike Sutherland 11 dias atrás
Who are those idiots in the background that keeps saying work at work at sumbitch it sound like a bunch of degenerate pieces of junk
ZildjianGuy Man
ZildjianGuy Man 12 dias atrás
Do not play the drink a shot every time he says ramp monsters game. You'll die from alcohol poisoning. Kind of amazes me that there are fish that big right in that area.
HowToEverything 12 dias atrás
He should’ve just got a steel crane wire and a grappling hook to catch these fish 😂
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 12 dias atrás
Dude check your mono supply it kept snapping. Change brands should be piercing monsters.. Load of fish swimming round looking like punks. Fair play got the hook out
Tee Jay
Tee Jay 13 dias atrás
Enrique fernandez martinez
donde está???
themulletrun 13 dias atrás
Fort Lauderdale Florida
João Castro
João Castro 13 dias atrás
Your best fishing store: @t
Leo Amorim
Leo Amorim 13 dias atrás
Please: what place is this? Thanks
Leo Amorim
Leo Amorim 13 dias atrás
@themulletrun Thank you!
themulletrun 13 dias atrás
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Muhammad Fitriadi
Muhammad Fitriadi 13 dias atrás
Ikan betok
Alvon Lesmana
Alvon Lesmana 13 dias atrás
I wish i can fishing like that..
Marcello Ramponi
Marcello Ramponi 13 dias atrás
geeman 13 dias atrás
Damn, i wouldn't have believed it if i didn't see it. Hard to believe such a variety of fish live in that waterway.
Marco Reus
Marco Reus 10 dias atrás
This is ramp monsters
Iyad Nola
Iyad Nola 14 dias atrás
So what the point from fishing...
Scott Romans
Scott Romans 14 dias atrás
Lmao..he uses fish we take home and brag about for bait!!! I could watch this schite all day! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chuk L Hed
Chuk L Hed 14 dias atrás
Where are they fishing?
fishaholic 15 dias atrás
These dudes make other fisherman look like googans
Mudmaster R/C
Mudmaster R/C 15 dias atrás
Compliments dude what a huge mf vis 🐟
김유성 15 dias atrás
처음에 나온 물고기 잡은건줄 알았더니 미끼였네 ㅋㅋ
林娓娓至 16 dias atrás
Nice fish
Casmito 123
Casmito 123 16 dias atrás
Mancing opo iku?
Yorkshire Boy
Yorkshire Boy 17 dias atrás
Awesome stuff for a UK angler to see!
SENAR RAWUD 17 dias atrás
Ngeri kambing kecemplung langsung lenyap tuh disitu 😱
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez 17 dias atrás
Wait I got a question? Is this ramp monsters? 😂
themulletrun 17 dias atrás
Yes, the fisherman is O’Gorman but the show is Ramp Monsters.
Fulca 18 dias atrás
Where is this?
themulletrun 17 dias atrás
Fort Lauderdale
Travis Hoopingarner
Travis Hoopingarner 18 dias atrás
What is this?
Travis Hoopingarner
Travis Hoopingarner 17 dias atrás
themulletrun it sure is!!!
themulletrun 17 dias atrás
Ramp Monsters
Hobiku official
Hobiku official 18 dias atrás
Nice vidoo
Pier Francesco Capparucci
So narrow spot and still crowded by huge fishes, amazing. Well done guys!!
B. L. Mann
B. L. Mann 18 dias atrás
Am I the only one who noticed hes using circle hooks? You cant set the hook with a circle hook. Gotta let it swallow it and wait. But then again, this is ramp monsters, what the hell do I know?!
Carlo Sao
Carlo Sao 18 dias atrás
Where is this Ftlauderdale?
AOK 19 dias atrás
Dude, I hope you’re not planning to have kids anytime soon.. fishing rod butt between the legs??!! 😆
Akbar Razavi
Akbar Razavi 19 dias atrás
Bad ass fishermen, real bad ass!
Дмитрий Фисенко
Не х##вые караси у вас на колыме...
Lans Fishing Borneo
Lans Fishing Borneo 19 dias atrás
New friends....🙏🙏🙏 Kalimantan tengah Indonesia
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