How China Is Reshaping the Coronavirus Narrative | NYT News 

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We looked at China’s expansive propaganda system aimed at foreigners and analyzed thousands of English-language tweets from state media and diplomats. Here are the coronavirus messages China is projecting to the world.
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Comentários 80   
skippykevin 37 minutos atrás
More people should watch this video
ENVER PASHAIDRIS 58 minutos atrás
wow so your telling me That CGTN is owned by The Communist party in china? well who rules the US its not like more than half your staff has Jewish ethnicity?
hamitokia Hora atrás
Learning from the best! The West.
Red Lava
Red Lava 3 horas atrás
Usa + Russia against common enemy....
Burgese Parekh
Burgese Parekh 3 horas atrás
Well it's time.. full world needs to stand together and take the cunning dragon to task. This is not acceptable. They deserve bigger and more dreaded sanctions than Iran or any one for that matter.
Vedant Chavan
Vedant Chavan 4 horas atrás
But US media always sides with's been seen when Trump called virus as china virus whole media was against him...
Rohan Annadate
Rohan Annadate 4 horas atrás
#chinavirus 🇨🇳 🦠
anirudha jaiswal
anirudha jaiswal 6 horas atrás
This is how China is doing damage control....... But World organization must fix the responsibility for Covid19 outbreak and its spread all over the world
Alfie Blake
Alfie Blake 6 horas atrás
Their global reputation is severely damaged.
RoboJules 6 horas atrás
China lied, people died. It was Chinese secrecy and missinformation about the coronavirus that created this pandemic. They weaponized a virus though lies, and they will have to pay for it.
radiostate 6 horas atrás
To everyone on the CCP's side: stop using an illegal VPN to access a website blocked in your country!
radiostate 6 horas atrás
Bowen Du
Bowen Du 7 horas atrás
NYT, haha, was your face still hurt from the double standard post on twitter? we enjoyed your face slapping show, its on and on and on, never get tired of it.
lamdawave 7 horas atrás
I thought USA has the most media.
darthvader5300 7 horas atrás
In Russia, leftists and liberals are banned and outlawed. Just say the truth and archive it and spread it and hide. We have an old saying "Civilian Intelligence is as equal as that of Military Intelligence" so that we can know exactly on what is going on inside our country and ADDRESS THEM. In fact, many corrupt high ranking Russian officials were quietly sacked and arrested and imprisoned or even EXILED OUT OF RUSSIA FOR LIFE!
هلاله الأهدل
🙏🏻🍃 Know that corona-virus is a new chastisement of a mighty power; the chests disease, little by little until cuts off breath of whom Allah pleases, and he who got healed from it let him know that it is not because the treatment of the physicians; rather because of his supplication prayer to Allah the most Merciful than all who have mercy
هلاله الأهدل
🙏🏻🍃 it should not be for them to find a cure-treatment for Allah’s chastisement to the fact it is not an affliction for purging what is in your chests; in fact (it is) a chastisement afflicts chests of whom Allah pleases of those who from among you turn away for they may return back
هلاله الأهدل
🙏🏻🍃 O people, there has come to you indeed an admonition from your Lord and a healing for what is in the chests; and a guidance and a mercy for the believers.}Truthful Allah the Great [Younus] <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="657">10:57</a>.. Surely this is a chastisement admonition, a wisdom for the dutiful ones.
هلاله الأهدل
🙏🏻🍃 And Allah leads them on (to destruction) by means of His intelligent hidden way to get to whom Allah pleases of their elite from where they do not know.
هلاله الأهدل
🙏🏻🍃 and i see international health organization do not consider it an international disease yet! For the fact with their claim they will control it yet they indeed are liars. How can they control Allah’s chastisement?!
هلاله الأهدل
🙏🏻🍃 Honorable Imam Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni: "it is a mere human virus", meaning; it has nothing to do with animal surely it began in human and transmitted from human to a human and there is no intervention for animal therein as they claimed that bats, ducks, and pigs yet they burned it and committed crimes therein..
Casino Stream
Casino Stream 9 horas atrás
Dont let chinese people in your countrys ! Bann all China travelers before they stop eating Batman ! Also we dont need em in our countrys anyway they just bought OUR properties.
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta 10 horas atrás
CPC virus is mother of Wuhan virus 19
Don't Drop The Mike
Don't Drop The Mike 10 horas atrás
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> The translation isn't even that far off. Nowhere in the Chinese sentence does it say "admits". "Admit" in Chinese is: 承认 Chéngrèn CNN Headline: CDC CONFIRMS FIRST CORONAVIRUS CASE OF "UNKNOWN" ORIGIN IN U.S. Here's the sentence: 美国cdc疾控确认,首例冠状病毒源于美国 According to Google Translate (unless you think Google is controlled by the CPC for some reason), the direct translation is: U.S. cdc disease control confirmed, first coronavirus originated in the U.S. It's not that far off unless you still think this was deliberate, I would like to know how.
tublojleeb nchigntuj
tublojleeb nchigntuj 10 horas atrás
Chaina win of coronairus but USA now alot American peaples had Coronarus. What you think? Where came from the Corona virus ?
Evi Sharma
Evi Sharma 11 horas atrás
is a Virus made in China
Pieter 12 horas atrás
Ok, the problem of Chinese propaganda is there, but, what can be done? Keep telling the truth don't let the CCP win!
Carlvl 12 horas atrás
China fools noone
Fionah campos
Fionah campos 13 horas atrás
China planned corona virus
TheSleepyPanda MS
TheSleepyPanda MS 13 horas atrás
The Chinese give attention to details and know the art of manipulation. They will project their propaganda but will not make it look like it is one. The world understands this China. It is becoming more and more clear what the CCP is trying to do. Few years later i wouldn't be surprised if it comes to everyones attention that the chinese have succeeded in making mandarin and yuan a global export. But this kind of attitude is being now recognised by the world. The rich countries might sail through but the poorer ones might be forced into a debt trap and eventually succumb to chinese economic colonization.
Waudy 14 horas atrás
Need to make this more known
Niki Ness
Niki Ness 14 horas atrás
At least in the US we admit that our hospitals are overtaxed and we are short on supplies and we are a couple days behind on numbers but they are as accurate as they can be with our shortage of tests we admit we are experiencing.
Victor Reyes
Victor Reyes 14 horas atrás
China did this to (ALL) the world! I dont believe anything China dose or says! I wish I didn't feel this way, because I dont like hate or anger as a solution! But, because of Chinas actions and ignorance, our way of life has change and many others have suffered the ultimate consequences! China need to step up and fix! And let's called this for what it really is, the China virus! #USA1 #NoMoreMadeInChina
Jennifer Walsh
Jennifer Walsh 14 horas atrás
So we all know who this American social justice warriors work for!?
Baskaran Balachandran
Baskaran Balachandran 14 horas atrás this link shows some study that Coronavirus is China's plan to destroy other econmies
Baskaran Balachandran
Baskaran Balachandran 14 horas atrás
Hoping your team can come with valid proofs against China and the entire world will boycott China in all aspects.
manh nguyen
manh nguyen 15 horas atrás
And then some china companies get huge of money for selling masks to rest of the world.
Nyuan Chen
Nyuan Chen 15 horas atrás
atleast we admit 70% of our news are propaganda, and the west does not... We know they are lying but you don't know yours is lying as well, cmon let's be honest, there is only bad or worse, don't think your state media is any better.
八月 15 horas atrás
china cooking something that everything is us fault.
Development 17 horas atrás
3000 Chinese bots disliking the video so far LOL
Tecumßeh Oszeola Vitakola
Hier ist ne Neuigkeit: Es gibt ein Land, welches noch mehr Propaganda betreibt als China, und dad seit Jahrzehnten. Die VSA. Die Vereinigten Staaten, ihr Lappen xD
dj james arundel
dj james arundel 18 horas atrás
Theres 1000s of trolls from China on youtube now... u can see all new accounts... maybe the 21 million that went missing 🤔😂
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 18 horas atrás
doli99 sjyiao
doli99 sjyiao 19 horas atrás
Joey Ma
Joey Ma 20 horas atrás
America has finally got what deserve for spreading coronavirus to China,what goes around comes back around
Johan Bernath
Johan Bernath 20 horas atrás
it had to come to this for mainstream media to pretend to regret putting there money in the hand of a dictatorship like the CCP in China. Like no one reports about the Epstein case. flow with the dead fish. real people who fights for freedom of speech and liberty can do your job now. and prevent this for the next wave. love to you all people. who ever you are. i do thank you for leaving the comments open. thank you
Hanzhang Sun
Hanzhang Sun 21 hora atrás
I feel sad for the ordinary people in the United States. In such a serious situation, the media are still doing such stupid things. Yes, blame China and lose your life. Wake up, this is not a good time to do these things! Protect yourself!
bla bla
bla bla 21 hora atrás
n people is not the poor chinese people is the goverment dont blame poor people please thats wat they want
bla bla
bla bla 21 hora atrás
so this means ur probably gettin poising by the doctors
adlerzwei 22 horas atrás
Did The New York Times suddenly grow balls? 🥺
Angie Natoyn
Angie Natoyn 16 horas atrás
Sky News in Australia also condemning China. Pretty surprised. They actually said that whoever thinks that holding China accountable is racist are morons. Almost fell off my chair.
Claire G
Claire G 23 horas atrás
it's funny that i am commenting here
Claire G
Claire G 23 horas atrás
ya we are at the forefront of fighting COVID, while some politicians in the US are saying ' we are all fine' (but actually not). Don't you think the history is always a bit similar??? Ohh, no, probably not. Chinese are almost clear, while someone in the US government is still living in a daydream.
Deeq Hassan
Deeq Hassan 23 horas atrás
China media is propaganda Cnn ,new York Times, wall street and all America media hold my beer
whwong288 Dia atrás
Ccp is the virus in this planet, no doubt
Rafael Moretti
Rafael Moretti Dia atrás
China must suffer economic sanctions for the outbrake.
KYLE WANG Dia atrás
Well, so you guys are still going to blame China AT THIS TIME cuz they hid the negative side of the news? There are more people who get infected in the U.S now but there have still been parties holding in the building I live in. Are you saying that they are optimistic about the virus and keep partying cuz they check China's news reports daily and feel everything is fine? I thought there would be news reports about the virus from the U.S. domestically as well. Ooops
A M Dia atrás
1: China covered it up 2: China’s cover up allows it to go global 3: China are profiting from this situation. Recently taken over an island in Philippines while the world is distracted. Selling medical supplies and testing kits (inaccurate ones) and looking for opportunities to buy up now struggling companies. 4:unethical behaviour. A chinese organisation bought up all relevant medical supplies from select countries and shipped it to China. Australia for example. 5; China using money to buy influence and try to peddle the mad theory the virus came from outside China. 6: China likely lied about deaths in China. The testing kits they sold to Spain were only 20% accurate. So how accurate is any data they provide!
Lee Zejun
Lee Zejun Dia atrás
Congratulations USA! You got more than 100000 cases!
c calvin
c calvin Dia atrás
hey nyt i don‘t want to comment on your fake video but i gotte warning you nyt ! take care of yourself AndChina is mroe safe than your country ! you should take care of your great country a USA
account lili
account lili Dia atrás
Nahhhh, today is 29 March, China contained the virus instead your BeSt Capitalism let you die, Trump hide the truth and ask you to beg for ventilator. Boris ask you to sing hApPy biRthdAy twice lmao. How fking ironic and how stupid and prejudice peoples are.
Spit Fire
Spit Fire Dia atrás
*And how Propaganda like NYT helps them*
Kordi Yishu
Kordi Yishu Dia atrás
More of this please!
Betty Wu
Betty Wu Dia atrás
I Made
I Made Dia atrás
Media China many many lying
Xusia Xod
Xusia Xod Dia atrás
They have protected their a filthy people with disgusting eating habits..
Stephen Malovski
Stephen Malovski Dia atrás
Every year, about 300.000 people die from the common flu! Acute respiratory infection is the cause about 70.000 of them. Which means that every year we have a viral pandemic but this time the media are showing the statistics as it happens. The common cold and the flu can also be caused by a type of corona virus!
Innova 35
Innova 35 Dia atrás
This disease appears worldwide in December and it was ignored as simple flue as trump used to say FLU. Chinese doctor noticed this and he reported this as epidemic on social media , China took this as bio war fare that time that's why they are fail to contain this in short period of time This dangerous virus has ability to transform into new form I guess So making vaccine is tough - hypothesis
Mr Nadio
Mr Nadio Dia atrás
That's why Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike should show love for America again, working together to put America first against her rivals, as well as supporting Trump.
Leonard Dia atrás
I'm a Taiwanese and I'm not a Chinese. Luckily they drove us out of WHO (CHO). #TWNO1
Milady De Winter
Milady De Winter Dia atrás
This is a PR disaster for the CCP. It will not be forgotten
Phinix Dia atrás
China puts the entire world into ICU, and then sells everyone ventilators, masks and gloves...
syam babu
syam babu Dia atrás
I hate china and Communism 😠
Li Hong
Li Hong Dia atrás
Ah finally some good filing news
Sugar Bee Fire
Sugar Bee Fire Dia atrás
They already stopped reporting cases, I'm not surprised they're trying to change the narrative. Idc what they do, I will dislike the Chinese government for this for as long as I live. One too many ill things have come from there.
Lee Ander
Lee Ander Dia atrás
The fact is Trump administration is reshaping the coronavirus narrative
shumei rose
shumei rose Dia atrás
As a mandarin WeChat user, I can't agree more. The media zoom in on the Russian troll factory after the last election, we'd like to see more exposure on Chinese troll factory in this pandemic.
Di Horse
Di Horse Dia atrás
NYT, hows the CCTV different from Fox? Suggest u do the same analysis on your own media n yr commander-in-chief message?
Damon Z.
Damon Z. Dia atrás
Now is America‘s turn show us how you dealing with corona virus , don’t let us down ! Hope you do better job than china !
Looking To Trigger
Oh please!!!!!! China's communist Party is all about "FREE SPEECH" unlike Trump's Administration Where people are executed on the streets if they say against the OPPRESSIVE CRUEL regime. I know everything there is to know about, CNN/MSNBC/CBS/TNT/CGTN, etc. They Never lie. Infact. My hellotune/Ringtone/NotificationTone is "Chinese Communist Song" ( I've never been so proud to be a LEFTIST DEM who looks up to "SUPREME LEADER XI JING PING". Every world leaders should aspire to be like him.
Frederick Devaux
Frederick Devaux Dia atrás
Classic leftist tactics. When in trouble invent the big lie and blame your opponents for EXACTLY what you are doing yourself! Obviously only the foolish and the biased will believe your lie but you have sowed confusion and, aided by a corrupt media, have therefore achieved your goal. Quite easy really.
Coronavirus in China | DW Documentary