Russia Bombed Four Syrian Hospitals. We Have Proof. | Visual Investigations 

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The Times obtained thousands of air force recordings, which reveal for the first time that Russia repeatedly bombed hospitals in Syria.
Here's how we reported our story:
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Comentários 80   
Malachy Browne
Malachy Browne 5 meses atrás
I'm one of the reporters on this investigation. We've been tracking hospital bombings in Syria since 2017, when in April and May, many health care facilities in this same area - Idlib province - were bombed (one every 29 hours according to UOSSM). International groups have told us that all red lines have been crossed in Syria, and healthcare has been deliberately targeted during the war. We spent months collecting evidence, talking to medical organizations who support these hospitals and to international organizations who also supported them. We also spoke to several experts in military systems and the Russian and Syrian Air Force, so that we could understand their capabilities and analyze the airstrikes and weapons used. We collected several data points corroborating the times of the attacks, including video metadata (file properties) that tell us the hour minute and second the video was recorded. We did shadow analysis, chronolocation and geolocation of videos. And critically, we obtained thousands of previously unheard audio recordings of Russian pilots talking to ground control during bombing missions. We translated and deciphered their codewords. The evidence was irrefutable: Russia bombed four facilities that were on a UN no-strike list. Under international law, even if there is suspicion that those locations are used by militants and should become a target (we found no evidence of this), Russia must provide warnings in order to evacuate the hospitals. It hasn't done so. Read more about the reporting steps we took in this Times Insider. And follow our Visual Investigations playlist for more forensic investigations like this (we've also reported on US airstrikes in Afghanistan and airstrikes in Yemen using US weapons). Thanks, Malachy
Syed ejaz Hussain
Syed ejaz Hussain 3 dias atrás
these are not health care centres rather these are the safe heavens of the terrorists Hayat Assham and other alqaida liniked terrorist groups. We know that why Eurdogon the turkish president is supporting these wahabi terrorists because he himselves is also a wahabbi. He has the wahabbi ideology and therefore support it. This war will destroy turkey as well
art poirot
art poirot 3 dias atrás
When Al qaeda invades and occupies parts of your country I do hope that you are just as sympathetic to them and their 'hospitals' as you are here..
JC SC38 9 dias atrás
Really? What about Raqqa? You also investigate what your country did there? Where is the report coming out?
Tadas Blindavicius
Tadas Blindavicius 17 dias atrás
NOTE: Russian bots with "brake english" all over the comment section. Russians are backing dictator Assad. All airstrikes on schools and hospitals in Syria are carried out by Russia. Russia supports Assad and arms them to fight the opposition forces. Putin's main goal in this conflict is to increase influx into mainland Europe what we have seen some time ago. Russia and Syria's leader Bashar al-Assad using migration as an aggressive strategy towards Europe, the senior NATO commander in Europe Gen Philip Breedlove said they were "deliberately weaponising migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures". Russia uses the barrel bombs - unguided weapons - against civilians in Syria.
Mohammad Shaown
Mohammad Shaown 20 dias atrás
@chaosXpert I don't belive in god, I belive in ALLAH so allah is alway merciful to me and you the people can't be merciy like greece is not merciful to syrian now but in world war 2 syria gave million of greece refugees shelter to live on and this is called Mercy of Democray and Mercy of Autocracy
Wimmel 3 horas atrás
Russia is not the bad guy in the world, if there is 1 its trump, Russia is bombing hospitals to make sure the wounded soldiers don't come back fast, not exactly for the people inside but so the hospital is broken down
The Dude
The Dude 4 horas atrás
So fake lmao
Pat An
Pat An 6 horas atrás
Please drop some more of that, directly on the puppet masters in #washington et al
zack flower
zack flower 11 horas atrás
I bet this was the start to convid-19 . Bio bomb wasnt it ?
Azerty Qwerty
Azerty Qwerty Dia atrás
Great job Russia😍
Mikhail 1
Mikhail 1 Dia atrás
So you telling me you can listed military radio conversation? 😂😂
Uroš Gajević
Uroš Gajević Dia atrás
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> US did that also in Serbia 1999 they bombarded schools, hospitals and buildings
Syed ejaz Hussain
Syed ejaz Hussain 3 dias atrás
What do you want to prove in this whole story/ Would you also like to explain the Turkey"s intervention in Syrian idlib. Why turkey is attacking Syrian territory.?Did you ever try to highlight this issue. Syria is a sovereign county and is a member of United nation.The Govt of Bashar Al Assad is the legitimate govt of Syria.Why do you deliberately ignore these facts?
link xxx
link xxx 4 dias atrás
유호진 4 dias atrás
Russian Pilot
Russian Pilot 5 dias atrás
Underground hospital? Really? So you just said that this was civilian hospital, right? You americans are so insignificant! Shame on you! God see all what you are doing. When the time will comes, you guys, had to answer for everything!
Дмитрий Прохоров
Подземная больница? Идиоты! 😁 Эти журналисты и псевдо репортёры идут к успеху... Какую ещё чушь они выкинут в следующий раз? )))))
Franiboy TV
Franiboy TV 6 dias atrás
For the sake of argument, let's say Russia did that, So what??? No one can do about it...
Thomas Boi
Thomas Boi 6 dias atrás
The us is innocent
MauriG. 6 dias atrás
The only way to win a war is don't make it. There is no human way to do a war, at the end, horrible things will happen.
Gerard Smadja
Gerard Smadja 7 dias atrás
Most of these hospitals are outside cities, and dug underground according tothe images or comments. Are they civilian hospitals, armed rebel clinics, or terrorist bunkers? How were the conversations of the pilots obtained? gently provided by the russian Air force?
vasilij klatt
vasilij klatt 8 dias atrás
Its a isis
Adolfo Arances Jr
Adolfo Arances Jr 9 dias atrás
UN is a worthless piece of crap to begin with, all they do for the past years is talk and talk and nothing is done, UN and EU is useless......
JC SC38 9 dias atrás
First do a report about what USA did in Raqqa and after that you can make your editing
Drama Lord
Drama Lord 9 dias atrás
They didnt destroy civilian hospitals they destroyed underground hospitals whitch are not in law of war this made them a target no matter what happened soldiers were not happy of that area so i guess you understand being in war you lose someone you love and anger controlls you dosent mean it's the country's fault.
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 10 dias atrás
Today, the United States(or rather, those who stand behind the world's gendarmes) incite wars, color revolutions and sow chaos around the world, because chaos for them is a kind of God worshipped by the backstage owners of the United States. Their motto: ordo ab chao.
Kev Nyerere
Kev Nyerere 10 dias atrás
Hypocrites! Although I don't condone the actions of the Russian air force but I watched this report in dismay as New York Times tried to shock us at what the Russians are doing. First of all,how many times has the American air force bombed civilian targets without NYT not reporting a single word? This is biased reporting. When Americans do it then it's called collateral damage , when other countries do the same thing,then it's a war crime.........bah bah bah
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 10 dias atrás
Today, the United States(or rather, those who stand behind the world's gendarmes) incite wars, color revolutions and sow chaos around the world, because chaos for them is a kind of God worshipped by the backstage owners of the United States. Their motto: ordo ab chao. The United States is the world's # 1 terrorist, the main sponsor of ISIL (banned in Russia) and the instigator of wars and color revolutions around the world. Now, it seems that everything we know about American bloody "tricks" around the world, we see that wherever come the Americans with their false to dishonesty slogans on their alleged mission of freedom and democracy, bloodshed, destroyed and sown all fatal total chaos, and yet some virus-infected Ukrainians or liberastov, to believe, to believe to the baby tears and convulsions in some great mission of the American demonocracy...
Sniper Jeff
Sniper Jeff 11 dias atrás
And how many people have been killed by us in Syria
sumeet hiray
sumeet hiray 11 dias atrás
That russian numerals sound like marathi 36 treshashta in marathi...sound similae
sumeet hiray
sumeet hiray 11 dias atrás
Marathi is an indian language
Eric Sanford
Eric Sanford 12 dias atrás
Were they the “last” 4 hospital. I couldn’t finish watch this nonsense, but The first “hospital” looked exactly like any other HYS is a underground bunker. NYT’s please stop lying
MisterL2 13 dias atrás
I'm curious - why can we listen in to their radio comms? isn't that a devastating disadvantage in times of war? can they not encrypt their comms?
suad sehic
suad sehic 13 dias atrás
Where is UN or Nato so far they do nothing to stop war crimes but help those that do them..Shame
m4t0sh 13 dias atrás
us propaganda seems to be working they cant encode russian radio transmition because its fkin coded.... nyt you fkin propaganda tube im not russian btw....
Chris Sartain
Chris Sartain 14 dias atrás
You all deserve the best!
Iraqiachoc Mapping
Iraqiachoc Mapping 15 dias atrás
Well Yeah So? Theres Hospitals Could have ISIS or Other Kind of Terrorist Teams It could be a Base For them.
Calvin Wilks
Calvin Wilks 13 dias atrás
Well yeah so? There’s hospitals that treat your own citizens from your own government and Russia airstrikes. Let America do something like this, you’ll be screaming “Death to America” ASAP.
Goran Stanić
Goran Stanić 15 dias atrás
There are no rules of war . You stupid journalist !!!
rr kk
rr kk 15 dias atrás
Lol~~~ The camera is truly fronts the object~~~ like a blasting photography~!!!! awesome work!
Cringe baby 2
Cringe baby 2 16 dias atrás
America caused this mess btw
Hamster girl
Hamster girl 14 dias atrás
@Cringe baby 2 oh ok thx for the info
Cringe baby 2
Cringe baby 2 14 dias atrás
Oswyn they invaded Iraq and then started to fund Malta’s one of which was isis who then turned on America and invaded Iraq and Syria
Hamster girl
Hamster girl 14 dias atrás
Cleili Mazariegos
Cleili Mazariegos 16 dias atrás
Russia is like a little toddle trying to imitate and follow an adult lmao...I mean U.S. lol
Cringe baby 2
Cringe baby 2 16 dias atrás
Cleili Mazariegos yet America is Russia’s puppet
Noah Gassler
Noah Gassler 16 dias atrás
This is war. If it was us there, we'd be doing the same. Humans are humans and they will always destroy.
wantafanta01 16 dias atrás
"underground hospital" looks like a bunker to me..
Hamster girl
Hamster girl 14 dias atrás
It isn't a bunker you can see that it's a hospital but they don't have enough tools to fill it up with so please stop being ignorant
Tanmoy Nandi
Tanmoy Nandi 16 dias atrás
Great Movie. Thanks to the Director. Give 5 star Out of Five. But No songs, Very disappointing.
Tanmoy Nandi
Tanmoy Nandi 16 dias atrás
Its all started from a BOOK, 1400 years ago.
》LightBottle《 17 dias atrás
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a> shut up its not like America did not do something
Boško Crnobrnja
Boško Crnobrnja 18 dias atrás
But when US strikes civilian positions, journalists like these guys turn blind, great job guys...
Чамэrоo!ゝ_く 5 dias atrás
Oh? Is that a US drone strike i hear? We mustn't report it 😏
Randomnick123 18 dias atrás
Also keep in mind that terrorists might hold these buildings to hide and run strikes from. They are emptied in most cases. But yes, there is also casualties that are not wanted.
istván 18 dias atrás
Four strikes and the "pilot" used same "roboto" sample at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a>. Check it with voice recon software if you like. If you fake something like this don't do so clear errors.
istván 18 dias atrás
Surgeon from underground hospital identifies plane as su-35 at 6:10. Is he a fortune teller or how did he do it?
Ghufran 18 dias atrás
You know somethings wrong with the side who deliberatly bombs schools.and hospitals and labels doctors as terrorists. They are definitly trying to decieve the people but there are also those that know it but have little morals. Russia is an enemy that needs to be forcibly removed from Syria and Assad must be exterminated for their to trully be peace in Syria.
Ghufran 18 dias atrás
Idlib people are brave freedom fighters. Especially fighting against regime terrorists and Russia.
Ghufran 18 dias atrás
As expected of Regime supporting terrorists.
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus 19 dias atrás
Why is the medical equipment the cleanest equipment in the rubble and why is it on top of the rubble not buried and broken? This is obviously fake. And only terrorists need to hide their hospitals, that’s why they are underground.
***** ********i
***** ********i 19 dias atrás
This is not journalism, this is political investigation to look for reasons to accuse Russia of warcrimes. Like the self righteous hypocrite US doesnt have its fair share of warcrimes and, doesnt have anyone to answer to. Hospitals helping Sharia Jihadists and jabhat al Nusra islamist fighters, and here is NY Times blaming russia for mopping up Islamists
Avlianer Baska
Avlianer Baska 19 dias atrás
Hospitals hahaha
Дмитрий Чаткин
Underground hospitals ... сууууууууука! =)))))))))) For Hobbits I believe? Or for Wahhabis? ЗЫ Nice accuracy by the way.
mat Right1981
mat Right1981 20 dias atrás
And somehow they'll blame this on America
mat Right1981
mat Right1981 20 dias atrás
And yet the corrupt Watchdog agency that holds War crime tribunal wants 2 hold America responsible for war crimes in Afghanistan did Russian not just Target a hospital knowing it was a hospital is there any greater War crime than that
Ryan Salazar
Ryan Salazar 20 dias atrás
Syrian Hospitals where terrorists launch their rockets.
TheKeithvidz 20 dias atrás
america bombed an afghan 1 and surely civilians.
TheKeithvidz 20 dias atrás
America the west, Israel, saudis - all back ISIS, read _timber sycamore_ on wikipedia.
misa Stanojcic
misa Stanojcic 20 dias atrás
Nato bomb hospitals acros Serbia.. What about that?
Arnisho 20 dias atrás
can anyone explain why russian pilots and ATC wouldnt be using encrypted communications?
zapfanzapfan 21 dia atrás
Amazing work!
shinytan 21 dia atrás
Joel Zavala
Joel Zavala 21 dia atrás
Dr. Bashar Al- Assad is the best president in the Middle East. How many hospitals did he build in the whole country???
Bryan Von Stase
Bryan Von Stase 20 dias atrás
Why are people fleeing Syria then? And why are they speaking out against Assad here in Europe? Why are they happy to have fled Syria?
Jericho 22 dias atrás
More like Al Qaeda affiliated groups occupying and militarizing a hospital.
White Eagle
White Eagle 22 dias atrás
I don't know if I can believe this video or not. NYT has been caught in the past falsifying stories, perhaps most (in) famously the ones on Russia invading the Ukraine, using older pictures on file to illustrate the 'invasions'. With all the propaganda flying around, its hard to believe any mainstream news nowdays. CNN used to be factual and it has earned its nickname of 'Communist News Network'. We shall see.
1GTX1 21 dia atrás
Few hospitals were bombed in my city in Serbia by NATO from around 250 airstrikes on the city, so it wouldn't be surprising if Russia also bombed hospitals...
Durkan 22 dias atrás
how the camera was already there? when the hospital was made? from where the concrete and hospital needs were imported? why is there no sign of hospital if someone wants to come? how is there a non UN unit? who made the hospital?
Dave 23 dias atrás
How many hospitals does Syria have? When ever there is a Russian air strike its a school or hospital lol.
eugene z
eugene z 23 dias atrás
U exams social media postings... u sound stupid ... local journalist were warned... quit ur job ... or this much be ur job disinformation... Russia is fighting USA backed isis and they lost get over it.
Erik Eriks
Erik Eriks 23 dias atrás
America has committed war crimes too
Rohallah Haidari
Rohallah Haidari 24 dias atrás
Nothing is off limit when it comes to head choppers!
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy 24 dias atrás
Where's the UN now?
otrebla anicleb
otrebla anicleb 24 dias atrás
The last hospital in Idlib!
syahrul azrai
syahrul azrai 24 dias atrás
Good 👍
T . T
T . T 24 dias atrás
There is rebels in that hospital, they are using civillians in there as human shields
Artem Sodukh
Artem Sodukh 24 dias atrás
I am Russian and that’s affending to me
Citoyen du Monde
Citoyen du Monde 24 dias atrás
The war is really awfull but what if this kind of "hospitals" are just terrorist facilities using civilians as shield ? We need to know more...
Lee Van Cleef
Lee Van Cleef 24 dias atrás
İts hospital yes . But ısıs and al qaide hospital . If you want know who s bomb innocent people in hospital look back to 2003 2004 ıraq war . Look the americans and europe countrys
crOnOs 25 dias atrás
wow big news lol
Friend of Tellus
Friend of Tellus 25 dias atrás
Thank you very much for making this most revealing documentary about the russian war crimes in Syria !!!
Animating James
Animating James 26 dias atrás
Ok ok RUSSIA W H A T. T H E. F###########
GIANNIS PETRIDIS 27 dias atrás
AssaDiamond. Respect.
Davi M. Kim
Davi M. Kim 28 dias atrás
Dictator A vs Dictator B, backed-up by Dictator C ... ALL talking ABOUT #Democracy and people Rights ... that they NEVER had to begin with 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤦 .... madness, babble and more #Proxywars 👀👎. People are going to be crushed! #ONU b1tch where are u?! LMAO #Islan aren't the #Peace religion? LOL #fake
Sleeping Melons
Sleeping Melons 28 dias atrás
And Syria gasses its own people. Eat or be eaten.
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